It is an obvious fact that a lot of health problems can arise in your body if you are over-weight. Obesity and being over-weight is a large-scale problem that is faced by a lot of people, all over the world. However, losing weight is one of the most difficult goals to accomplish. Some people work out for hours in the gym, while the others follow rigorous diet, but with no visible results. People spend a lot of money on medicated treatments, but most of the claims made by the medicines are often false and misleading. Some even thought about undergoing surgeries. But does the process of weight loss has to be this difficult? There is got be some way out to lose weight and see desired results. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or rx hCG is a hormone that is found in both male and female body is medically proved to be an excellent supplement for weight loss.

rx hcgWhat is hCG?

As we all know, a fit body accounts for a more lively and healthier lifestyle, which is why it is absolutely necessary to have healthy body. The fact that the hormone is not artificially made in laboratories but is produced in the human body makes it completely natural and safe. It is produced in both male and female body in varying amounts. It is produced in the body of a pregnant woman in excessive levels when she is pregnant with a baby. Hence, it is also sometimes known as the ‘pregnancy hormone’.

How does hCG help in losing weight?

The hormone is sold by retailers in a variety of forms, for example, sprays, pellets, patches and drops. However, the hormone does not work to its full efficiency when taken in these forms. They cannot combat your hunger pangs, lethargy and may even have allergic side-effects. Because it is a hormone, it works best when injected into your bloodstream. The rx hCG injections are also known as shots and have other medical purpose as well, such as in the treatments of infertility. In case of weight loss, these shots are sometimes used with the addition of vitamin B12.

rx hcg

The hormone injections target the excessive fat that is stored in our body. The body also consists of some essential fats that regulate body metabolism and provide energy but the extra amount of fat, which is of no good but a root cause of some of the health problems, are stored in our abdominal area, hips, arms and thighs. It is medically proved to eliminate these stubborn fat cells. But as is required, in all other weight loss techniques, to maintain a proper balanced diet along with the injections. There is a diet injection protocol, according to which your diet should consist of small portions of protein, fruits and vegetables that you should eat at regular intervals, throughout the day. The protocol limits your calorie intake to 500-800 calories per day. If you can follow this regime regularly, then it has been observed that you can lose up to 2 pounds of fat in just a day.